Battle Axe

Brass rods; forging

Building off of what we learned from our bangles, we had to design our own bracelet using the same type of rod.

I was really interested into different shaped axes and wanted the bracelet to look like it was dangerous to wear. I figured that, in addition to creating a more dynamic bracelet, I would hammer out an axe head from the metal rods. It was a little weird since the tubing was rather thin, and I had to make the axe head from two different pieces and solder them together, but somehow it worked out just fine. Even the tapering on the edges came out right.

In order to allow the bracelet to slip on and off, I had to give it a bit more space, which I reinforced with the spikes. Though I had to make sure that those did not actually stab the person wearing it.

2D Digital Art

3D Art


(Almost finished! In the process of editing photos.)

2D Tangible Art