Wax; poured brass

Here is the second project we did in 3D Design.

The assignment was to pick a myth and translate the moral of the story into a sculpture.

Mine was about Apollo’s son, Phaeton. In the story, Phaeton gets Apollo to let him drive his chariot across the sky so he can show off to his friend. It’s a very important job to do and he gets very specific instructions on how to not screw it up. So Phaeton goes off and starts driving, and goes to circle over his friend’s house to prove that it’s indeed him driving it. But while he’s going off of the path he was supposed to stay on, and heading closer to the Earth, he starts to burn the trees and the houses and turn the rivers to steam and such. He then quickly tries to drive the chariot back up and loses control of the horses and goes on to freeze the planet over and basically messes up horribly and ruins everything.

Zeus promtly notices that things are not going as they should and kills him.

Anyway, I then chose to sculpt the chariot. I tried to make the inside of the chariot very rough and wartorn, while the outside was still perfect. This way showing the grandness of the chariot and the imperfections of the person driving it.

You don’t have to look into it that deeply. In the end it could just be a very shiny chariot.

The technique was lost-wax casting, where you sculpt your piece out of wax, surround it with a mold, melt the wax out, then fill it will molten metal. And then buff it like crazy to make it really shiny.

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