Former Glory


I give you my very first article layout. We had to do a one-page and two-page spread around a very long article about the environment, which I am all about.<br /><br />

The first thing I thought of when I read the article was about how we’re doing things to the planet that we can’t undo, and eventually the world will never be the way we know it now. So... we would certainly like to stop what we are doing now, and try to revert things back to a less ruined state.<br /><br />

The limitations were to use one or more of a group of photos given to us, and to add one more photo that wouldn’t seem at first to have anything to do with the subject. TO go along with my trying to return earth to as it was, I chose a locked door to represent being trapped on the bad side of the situation.<br /><br />

Also we had a very long article to work with, so mapping out how it would work on both page sizes was very difficult.

2D Digital Art

3D Art


(Almost finished! In the process of editing photos.)

2D Tangible Art