Lucid Dream

18" x 23.5"
Chalk Pastel

This was a themed project where we had to do a dream image. This piece was me trying to show the confusion that goes on in the morning when you’re half asleep and trying to plan out what you need to do to get ready. While you’re still in that half-asleep state, you visualize your tasks, but your mind uses it to jump start a small dream as you’re trying to stay awake. The next thing you know you think you’ve done all of those things, because you’ve just vividly lived it out in your mind. But then you wake up, and your still in bed.

Also I tried to point out the fact that while you are sleepy, it is hard to read the clock and figure out how much time you have left to sleep and then get ready.

One of the things I had trouble with is making it look like a dream. I tried to give it a sort of dreamy / hazy color scheme, but all that ended up doing was making my walls purple, which they are not in real life. I even did it on blue paper, but you can’t even tell.

I am quite proud of the lower half though. The fabric and hair turned out just the way I wanted.

2D Digital Art

3D Art


(Almost finished! In the process of editing photos.)

2D Tangible Art