Old Doors

Nickel silver, copper

This piece was inspired by old doors that get left on the ground and are taken over by nature. The project was to create a hollow ring--whether it can be worn comfortably or not. Looking back I wish I had made it slimmer, but it was my first time creating something with seams and multiple sides, so I really had to wing it along the way.

The tree branches and lizard were cut out with my tiny saw blade, and they really added that depth and detail I was going for. Although, I did decide to add them in in the first place due to a fear of the piece exploding if the hot air on the inside couldn’t escape when soldering.

There is solder kind of everywhere, all in my texture, which I wish I’d cleaned out a bit more.

2D Digital Art

3D Art


(Almost finished! In the process of editing photos.)

2D Tangible Art